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Music thus make a difference :)

My daughter loves to listen to Michael Jackson’s song, too bad he died…Maika used to sleep listening to his music via youtube, “Ben” is the most appealing to her I guess because the moment I turn that song on, she’d immediately close her eyes. I daydream sometimes that maybe she’s be like Charice Pempengco or Sarah Geronimo among others who idol the King of Pop.
Anyway, I realized I’ve forgotten about the guitar I bought for my husband that he’s been ignoring for a while because of a demanding job šŸ˜¦ so I took the chance to search the engine and found some useful sites to help you tune your guitar, if ever you have. Of course, you’ve got to have that listening skills and probably music background could help. Just now, I’m learning to play “BEN”.


My Groceries List for our weekly Menu

I couldn’t find the menu I made though…..GROCERIES LIST

My reference to keep a healthy child

Feeding Your Toddler

cooked caldereta today for the first time

Last week I manage to organize my schedule including my daughter’s, I just wanted to make sure I have everything running in my hands even if I am far. One of the thing I organized is our weekly menu, that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. DinnerĀ  as my husband preferred healthy and light for supper before jumping to bed and so, indeed, Ā salads for theĀ evening! I made it after two hours.
I had my menu book on the side for my references and after that I’ve accomplished something that is organized!
Now I know what are the necessary goods to buy for my groceries instead of buying foods that get stocked and spoiled!Ā I don’t want to find myself wasting again, I can’t Ā imagine how many people are starving these days.

I’m heading to Singapore and Melbourne in three days

sad but true I’m only looking forward for the bubble tea šŸ˜¦
The best smoothies in Australia? THAT’s BOOST!!!! healthy and yummy! in Dubai I like PULP and BOOST again, In the Philippines would be QUICKLY, in the US I always get the blueberry shake from JAMBA, miss doing flight to NY but just so tiring after a 12-14 hr. flight and non-stop call bells….hmmmmm

Economic status of Filipinos

I’m an OFW, working as a cabin crew, I hired a nanny from Philippines who’s an Education Graduate. The Philippine Government requires employers pay Housemaid from 1,500AED or U$400. I’m broke, I know the fact that I am not the only one who sents money back home and my job is by far way better than the salary range I’ll get from my own country,sad, but true. Indeed, there is no place like home, I wish to stop working abroad and start my business.
What I am worried about is the type of shop/service I’d start. I like the idea of a beauty salon, grocery, internet cafe, imported apparels and beauty products but the problem is in general the people around the area salary range is from 1,500 pesos to 15,000 pesos….what should I do?

when Change is inevitable

Today is I guess productive enough, when I went out with my daughter as we accompanied my husband until he’s off for work. How I wish I’d never fly again, working far from my family felt longer as never been before. I can’t wait to start something new.
After I strolled with my little one outside International City in Dubai, somehow I felt relief from being guilty of not being with her as I’ve always wanted, children doesn’t ask for more but attention and quality time. While she was watching the birds from the ground making themselves busy, Maika was about to run after themĀ but I stopped her. I taught her that Birds need time on their own and they shouldn’t be disturbed when they are feeding themselves. Gladly, she listened and repeatedly say ” Leave them alone”, she bended down and watched them like the way I did…
I miss Maika so much and I miss the cool-headed me…
When Maika came I was overwhelmed by everything, most of it was the CHANGE IĀ foreseen but never experienced.
Now, I am trying to be a good mom and hopefully will be…